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Monica uses Reiki, Crystals and her connection to the Divine, to bring insight, balance and meaningful messages from spirit to help you along in your journey. She is able to connect with various energy mediums through channeling/mediumship to be able to bring you messages from your loved ones, God, the angels, Spirit guides such at Native Elders, Pleiadians, Ascendant Masters, Animal Totems, Fairies, Devas, Light Beings from other dimensions, Ancestors and much more. She also has a close connection to the animal kingdom and can telepathically communicate with animals/pets to give insights about their health, emotional state etc.


Monica is a compassionate healer and uses her heart in the highest of vibration and purpose to give you peace and understanding with your life’s circumstances. Monica has witnessed and experienced many of what you have faced: disease, depression, sadness, grief, trauma, accidents, separation and abandonment. She has a positive attitude and is able to shed light on the many facets of life, reigniting your truest hearts desires and passions. It’s time to live life for YOU!


Welcome to Monica Intuitive Healer

"My healing session with Monica was a very beautiful experience to say the least."


Carolyn C. Maple Ridge B.C.


"I highly recommend her for healing your mind body and soul!"


Leslee K. Surrey B.C.


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Intuitive messages based on personal energy and spirit guidance


Reiki sessions integrating crystal energy and intuitive messages


Learn how to receive messages from spirit and universe


Connect weekly with your higher self and exercise your intuitive muscles

Connect with your inner self and explore your intuition on a canvas

Learn to use crystals for healing, increase awareness and open intuition


"My healing session with Monica was a very beautiful experience to say the least. My healing was very deep and very emotional during my session and after I felt incredibly light, happy and stress free. In addition, Monica has an incredible gift with recalling past lives. I found the information given during the session was very interesting and allowed me to understand why I have made some of my life choices during this life time. I also attend weekly meditation sessions with Monica in a small intimate setting. My past experiences with meditation have always left me dissatisfied and unsure about whether or not I have really benefited from the session. After my first meditation with Monica I not only experienced an incredible deep emotional release but also a healing. I also felt at peace and given how stressful my life has been the last 6 months I have come to realize that meditation will now become an important part of my life. I look forward to my weekly meditation sessions very much! Thanks Monica for your beautiful energy. You make a difference to everyone you touch!"


Carolyn C. Maple Ridge B.C.


"I have known Monica now for 3.5 yrs. Since that time I've gone through a lot of emotional and spiritual healing. When I first met Monica I was a basket case...going through a messy separation with an abusive ex. I can say that if I'd gone to a therapist ...I'd only be half of the person that I am today! I wouldn't be as strong as I am, I wouldn't be as self confident either. I've come a long such a short period of time! I am happy to say that out of all the Psychics I've gone to in my life....Monica is way up there with the BEST of them! She does Reiki healing, Crystal healing and psychic readings all in one session! I've never come across a finer person to do this! In fact I've only come across MONICA who does this! I've also gone to her intuitive painting sessions, her past life healings, her meditations, and she's also currently teaching me Reiki and Channelling! She's the most amazing person I've ever met....I highly recommend her for healing your mind body and soul!"


Leslee K. Surrey B.C.



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