Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark

Monica's readings are based on your unique energy and information given by your and her higher selves. Monica can read any form of energy. She can read past lives, auras, the body, chakras, jewellery, plants, trees, crystals, objects, pictures, animals, children, your health, your life areas etc. Monica works with her special messengers via channeling and mediumship. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. She is open to receive messages from many energy forms including: Loved Ones, God, Angels, Native Energy, Animal Totems, Crystals, Reiki, Ascendant Masters, Pleiadians, Star Nation, Mother Earth, Father Sky and many more. She is able to tune in to energy in person or via long distance. Her readings are very healing and bring insight into the deeper nature of who you are and what your purpose is in this life. She can help you to release blockages and things that are holding you back. She will uncover your truest and deepest feelings and help you to see your truth as well as release any unwanted feelings and emotions, get to the root cause of an issue and also deal with grief, sadness and loss through spiritual

connection. By sharing special messages that resonate with you, she is able to raise your vibrations to a higher level so that you can be who you are truly meant to be. You are Divine.


Half hour session: $50 (2-3 questions answered)


One hour session: $90 (4-6 questions answered)


Readings available in person or long distance via email / skype / telephone.

Intuitive Readings



Intuitive Pet Readings

What Do Pets Think & Feel?


Pets have many messages they like and need to express to us, if we will listen!

Sometimes it’s about them and at times it’s about you & their environment. Want to

keep your pets feeling happy and healthy?




Monica has 6 beloved pets of her own and has learned over the years to telepathically

communicate with them. She connects with animals on a very deep level and provides

insight on their well being, emotional states and energy. She is open to work with all

animals, breeds, ages and sizes!!!! Able to give information whether pets are near or person or long distance! Monica also can tell you what your soul contract is with


your pet, why they chose you and you chose them, as well as whether you have any

past life connections with them.


Pet Reading Half hour session: $40 (2-3 questions answered)


Pet Reading One hour session: $60 (4-6 questions answered)


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